it’s back . . . now when’s it gonna go?


last saturday we got our first gonna-be-here-for-a-few-days snowfall.  to say that nate and jilly were super excited would be a huge understatement.  pretty much as soon as it switched from ice to flakes, nate was begging to get bundled up and head out.  and of course as soon as jilly got wind of what nate was anxious to do, she of course was all in too.

they had such a good time.  nate of course had a plan for what he wanted to do with the snow.  he had dreams of building a mountain (on the 12’x12′ deck), and jilly was thrilled to just fall down over and over again (exclaiming “it didn’t hurt, mom!” each time).  soon they were asking for shovels and carting snow from the yard onto the deck.  apparently we need to work on the concept of building in the yard and cleaning the snow off the deck.

although each day the snow is still here, this is day six, i get more and more anxious about when it will all be melted, i’m glad to know that the kids are at an age where they can really enjoy being out there playing together (read: mom can stay inside and watch through the window).  i’m going to go spend some more time wishing and hoping that it will all melt before the next several inches fall – whenever that might be . . .


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