One of Nate’s favorite, yet seldom viewed, shows is Wipeout.  We’ve happened to catch it on tv a few times just by chance, but I actually have no clue when or what channel it’s on regularly.  (I like the fact that we’ve majorly cut back on our tv watching so I’m okay with continuing to not know when it’s on.)

One of Laurel’s favorite activites is to be let up onto the furniture to crawl around.  She’s beginning to show understanding of the proper way to get off the couch which makes me feel better about letting her up in the first place.

So, what do Wipeout and Laurel’s couch obsession have to do with each other?  Yesterday I used the ottoman as a sort of bridge between the couch and ottoman and it kinda looked like an obstacle course.  Watching Laurel attempt to go back and forth over and over, slipping off a several points, made me think of it as a mini Wipeout course.

Laurel makes a valiant effort to enter the course, but it comes down the the mommy-boost to get started.

She makes it across transition point one with just a slight wobble, almost as if she’s been practicing this afternoon.

Oh no!  Transition point two seems to be giving her a little trouble.  It seems as if she’s got an eye on the paci rather than the tight corner she’s cutting.


And our champion of the day is . . . LAUREL!

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