to Bethlehem we go . . .


. . . where sheep run wild and Joseph doesn’t smile.

Today was the big day for Nate and Jilly as they got to both take part in the program at church this morning.

Nate was asked to be Joseph and eagerly said yes, and Jilly was a sheep along with the rest of the three year old gang.  Nate took his role very seriously and was adorable about it.  He ended up getting to be Joseph at both performances and was thrilled with the opportunity.

Jilly has been talking about “my program” for weeks now, but apparently didn’t realize that it wasn’t over and done in a moment’s time like her ballets she does for us at home.  I was hopeful that she would have a little more focus than she showed at practice Saturday, but what you see is what you get.  She ran off the stage to tell me something no fewer than 2 times.  She also provided comical entertainment for the entire congregation as she and another little girl kept snatching and trading each other’s sheep ears.  Oh my.

I leaned over to Brad near the end, and whispered, “Good thing we have 12 months before she get’s to go up there again!”

Nate with his 9:15 Mary (Audrey):

Nate with his 11:00 Mary (Kaitlin):



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