being elf-ed


we’ve had a fun time hanging out with all of my family over the past week, and we’ve definitely kept busy.  last thursday everyone came over for dinner and some time together.  ginny came prepped with a craft for the kids.  the kids, especially the older ones, loved getting to turn themselves into an elf.

nate, who as always enjoyed doing crafts, was the first to jump into making his.  he had a plan and knew exactly what he wanted it to be like.

he loved getting to have aunt ginny help him out along the way.

each mom jumped in and helped out.  even matt did his fair share of cutting out shoes and hats before whining his way out of it.

jilly has definitely been growing up a lot lately, and was very serious about her elf.  she is for sure going to be ready to do preschool this fall!

our smiley, happy girl.

dad hung out with the movie watchers while we worked with a couple cousins at a time.

camyrn grace was busy right away accordion folding her elf legs.

no child seemed to be able to get enough of gluing on the the fuzzy poms.

they all turned out super cute and are hung up to be seen when you walk in the front door.


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