a koss kinda christmas


Koss family Christmas took place post-nap on Christmas day.  My kids were happy enough just to have all the cousins come over, but of course loved the chance to open more presents also.  With so many little hands wanting to help pass out presents, chaos took over, and the room was soon trashed.  (Plans are already underway for how to make it more organized next time.)  Somehow, even with a floor covered in discarded wrapping paper, not a single gift accidentally landed in the trash.

{Nate hard at work opening another gift.  So far Christmas has landed him 5 new Lego sets – all of which he’s already put together.}

{A certain Strawberry Shortcake loving girl was very happy with one of her gifts from Grammy and Grandpa.}

{If there was only video to go along with the pictures that were taken while the kids were sitting here.  It was quite comical as we all sang LJ’s favorite song (Itsy Bitsy Spider) to entertain them as they kept popping off the couch.}

{Kid dinner!}

{Happy Birthday Jesus!}


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