Christmas 2011


Christmas morning at my parent’s house was perfect.  The biggers stayed in bed until 7:30 just like normal, and Laurel actually slept until a little after 8.  We opened stockings and then chowed through a quick breakfast.  Then it was back to the tree to open gifts from Santa and us.  I think all three kids left the tree very happy and thrilled with what they got.

Here are my 3 favorite pictures from that morning:

{This Lego set was Nate’s much asked for favorite.  He was so super excited!  He even put it all together himself except for adding the stickers.}

{Love the look on her face here.  It’s so funny to watch her walk around the house in her skates.  She doesn’t quite get the sliding her feet concept.}

{We were down to one full size Magna Doodle after our original bit the dust (with a little help from Jilly), we needed another as all three kids are obsessed with them.  It was as if Laurel knew what it was without having to fully open it, because this is what she does with our other at home to stake her claim to it.}


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