Laurel Jane – 15 months




  • height – 31 inches (68th percentile)
  • weight – 22 lb 10 oz (47th percentile)
  • head circumferene – 18.5 (80th percentile)

(Jilly’s 15 month post, no 15 month post for Nate)


  • loves to chase and be chased
  • can’t climb enough to lose interest (furniture, kitchen table, stairs, etc)
  • says way more than the 2-3 words necessary at 15 months (most recent addition being “thank you”)
  • can be quite possessive of mommy’s laurel’s iphone
  • one nap a day (1-3 hours each afternoon)
  • loves being on the tricycle when outside (no early discovery of how to petal yet though)
  • 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers
  • prefers to drink skim milk out of jilly’s cup than whole milk out of her own (not sure if it’s the milk she prefers or the fact that she’s once again gotten ahold of jilly’s cup)
  • loves to climb all over nate and jilly when on the floor
  • still cuddles with her head on my shoulder a ton
  • showing some separation anxiety as we get back into normal nursery routines after Christmas break
  • understand most of what we say to her (follows any command given)
  • insists on saying “cheese” almost constantly when a camera is in sight (see above picture for “cheese” face
  • working on getting the first of  her 2 year molars (does any child really wait until 2 to get them?))



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