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I knew with Jilly that things were changing, but I was lucky enough to get her switched before the new standards had become widespread.  With Nate and Jilly they were able to turn their car seat forward facing at a year since they were both at the one year mark and 20 pounds.  I remember our pediatrician telling us at Jilly’s one year appointment that they were starting to recommend waiting until 2 years old before turning car seats forward facing.

Laurel definitely falls under the new recommendations though.  Sometimes I feel so bad as I put her in her seat because she either has to ride with bended knees or with her feet straddling the back of the seat.  A couple of weeks ago I was ready to throw in the towel and turn her around.  Without seeking out anything about it, I happened to run across this article that some random person had pinned on Pinterest.  I realized I was wrong in wanting to turn her forward facing.  She never complains about being in her car seat except as I tighten the straps.

Plus, with the way we have our van set up, Nate and Jilly are both on the back bench and the extra captain chair is folded down in stow and go.  If we turned her around forward facing, she’d be a pretty bored girl on car rides.  Nate and Jilly can do quite the entertaining when necessary from the back bench.

At 30 inches at her 15 month check up she’s our shortest of the bunch, but growth spurts can happen at any time.  Let’s hope she holds off on growing too much before her second birthday in October!

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  1. I couldn’t get your link to work, but that’s probably good. I’d just learn what a horrible mommy I really am. We switched Charity around a year and a half when we finally transitioned her out of her infant and into a convertible car seat. I know there are good reasons for the change in regulations and you’re definitely doing the safer thing. I’ve certainly never heard of a child being injured in an accident because their legs were too long in rear-facing position. And anyways, what’s a broken leg compared to a broken neck? In fact, we’d all be safer if we rode rear-facing (except for maybe the driver :0)

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