I’ve recently visited this blog several times and thought that maybe it was the day to dive back into blogging. As I hovered at the end of the diving board, ready to jump back into the pool of blogging, I would click away and climb off the diving board. I’m sure the ease of facebook and my iphone have added to my lack of blogging. It’s just to simple to zoom a picture I just snapped onto facebook with a quick status. Much more simple than thought out blog post on which I have to downsize my pictures so I don’t use up my allotted space too quickly.


Here I am though. I dove. And as long as I hit the publish button, we’ll assume I didn’t drown. Okay, I’m getting tired of the pool illustration.

February 23rd marked my first blog post 6 years ago! Happy (missed) birthday blog.

All 3 boys in Nate’s class have birthdays within a month of each other so we have birthday on the brain around here. Unfortunately for Nate, he is birthday #3 of 3. He is going to the first one’s party tomorrow evening. It’s at a place that is new in town, and we’ve not been to before. Another mom at Bible Study Fellowship this morning said she was having her son skip a party there this weekend because she just wasn’t comfortable with it. And another mom I talked with yesterday said she has a friend whose child ended up hurt pretty bad there. Yikes! I’m hoping my son’s super cautious side makes my saying okay to him going result in no injuries.

I spent 5 nights in Arkansas with Laurel at the beginning of February, and Jilly has been a new child since I returned. Brad likes to think he got her in line. I like to think she missed me so much she’s going to remain on her best behavior just so I don’t go away again! I”m thinking a trip like that 2 to 3 times a year just to keep her behavior at its best might be in order. 😉


Laurel passed the 17 month mark yesterday. As with any third child, I totally forgot to take a picture for comparison sake. Maybe later today. Or next week. Or, well, we’ll see. She’s growing up fast on us. Still loves to climb (and therefore fall) and has the bruises to prove it.

Last weekend we headed down to the farm and had a great time. I actually drove one of the four wheelers for the first time in years. It was fun riding out to see the bald eagle sitting in the huge nest (and we assume on eggs). Not sure my 3 kids have every been as dirty as they got in the 24ish hours we spent there, but they truly had a great time in the dirt.


Although Wednesdays are pretty non-stop around here, we’ve definitely been getting outside and enjoying the nice weather a lot the past several days. I’m hoping we don’t return to below 60s for highs, but I also know it’s a real possibility.

Brad and I are pretty sure we’re going to jump in and do a veggie garden in the backyard this summer. I’m hoping that we’re quick learners and don’t end up wasting too much time and money.

Well, I’m going to call that enough updating. Oh yeah, Nate has his first loose tooth! And I, the hater of all things related to tooth losing and growing, actually wiggled it for him to show him last night! Yay Nate! Yay me!






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