winter, shminter


No complaints about this winter from me – especially these last few days as we head into official springtime!  We have spent this week soaking in the sun and warmth.  We’ve played at numerous playgrounds, hung the backyard swings, played plenty of kick the ball, ridden bikes and scooters, gone on wagon rides, and family walks.  It’s great to be able to be back outside so much.

It’s been so nice in fact that we decided to go ahead and pick Nate up a new bike a few weeks prior to his birthday.  He is making the transition from training wheels to no training wheels.  He’s always been our extra cautious kid, so the transition will have to be in little chunks.  Brad’s out with him now working on it for the first time, and apparently he is not a happy camper.  Let’s hope it’s short lived. . .

I hear them heading back to the house now.  Time to prepare the pep talk!

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