twins for a day


We’ve had many firsts since introducing Laurel as child number 3 in our family.  Somehow though, we’ve made it 17 months and a handful of days without every having any form of matching clothing.  We’ve done coordinating, but never matching.  It’s partly do to practically an entire wardrobe of hand-me-downs, but it’s also out of personal fear.  I think moms can easily go overboard in the constantly matching outfits.  (Yup, can still picture lining up from oldest to youngest with my 2 sisters and brother with all three of us girls dressed exactly alike.  Did I forget to mention that there is a 10 year gap between my older and younger sister?  2 or 3 year old wearing the same dress as 12 or 13 year old.  Slightly wrong?)  (Mom, I love you very much and and super thankful for you sewing talents.)  I wanted to make sure I steered very clear of that line.

Well, today is the day.  My mom sent the kids “happy first day of spring” gifts.  We opened them yesterday, and they were excited to wear their new stuff today.

I must say that these sister pics with the girls in their matching outfits are pretty cute.  So, maybe matching isn’t all bad, but we’ll definitely not being switching to an all matching wardrobe.

And, a picture of all three kids in their new shirts before Nate headed off for school this morning:


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  1. I must say in my defense, that was the matching-est I ever got. I think after that I quit sewing for you girls and moved on to quilting. And there’s no chance of matchy-matchy there.
    Love, mom

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