watch her like a hawk


Last night at dinner Brad made a comment to Nate about needing to “watch Jilly like a hawk”.  They were being silly as they tried to get Jilly to finish her dinner, but the comment totally perplexed Nate.  He was curious, especially since it was animal related, as to what Brad meant by watching her like a hawk.  It’s too bad he was at school today, or I could have given him the perfect example.

Two of Laurel’s favorite things are bath time and climbing.  She managed to combine them both this morning, but she wasn’t that thrilled with the results.  Usually I bathe the girls together because it’s just faster.  I decided for separate baths this morning due to Jilly having just gotten over the fever virus.  I filled the tub and decided to change her sheets while she had some play time in the tub (the rooms are right next to each other).  Laurel was doing her normal and playing alongside the tub as Jilly played in the tub.

Next thing I know, I’m hearing screams of “NO!  No LJ!  NOOOO!”  I head right in the bathroom and find already bathed, fully dressed Laurel sitting in the tub beside Jilly.  Guess next time I need to “watch her like a hawk”.

Apparently she didn’t like the fully clothed and soaking wet feel:

Freshly redressed and banned from the bathroom:

Maybe if I gated her out of the bathroom more often, I wouldn’t have to do this every bath time:

And just because she’s so happy to be feeling better:

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