in the box


There is something exciting to kids about boxes big enough to fit inside.  Or maybe just any box – as my kids can fight over who has claim to just about any box that makes its way into our house.  When Brad said his mom had a big box and wanted to know if we wanted it for the kid, I didn’t even have to think for a moment.  YES!!!!  If my kids can have tons of fun with diaper boxes, they will LOVE a box big enough for all three of them.

After several rains, the box finally moved out of the garage today and to the back porch.  It now has double doors, windows, and closeable spy windows.  It’s been a house, a spy fort, a doctor clinic, and who knows what else I missed.  Because they know the length of time we’ll hang onto their box is limited, it’s easy to convince them to go play with it again.  The forecast is looking pretty favorable last I checked for it not getting rained on in the next couple of days.  Yay!

The downside of box turned playhouse:  all the toys, books, and stuff they carted outside to it.  (Even a trashcan and kleenex box!!!)

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