Kindergarten Graduation


Today Nate became an official Kindergarten graduate.  Thanks to snow days not being needed, they were able to chop a full week off the end of the school year which means early summer!!!  It’s been so much fun watching him grow and learn academically, socially, and most importantly, spiritually this year.

Here is Nate and his best bud, Mara.  Her mom and I decided we needed to snap a few pictures of them in case their dreams of marriage eventually occur.  (I can’t begin to tell you how many “Mom, when Mara and I are married . . .” conversations have occurred in our house this year!)  Thankfully they should get to see each other over the summer since she happens to be a King of Kings member even though we’d never met before this school year!  Her mom and I have had many laughs on the playground after school about the conversations they have about each other at home.  Adorable!

During the ceremony, each student was received a reward.  Nate was recognized for class participation – from answering questions to sharing pray requests.

Nate and Mrs. Songster – an absolutely amazing teacher who LOVES her students

Nate and Grandma – we sure missed Grandpa, Grammy, and Grandpa, but we were thankful Grandma could make it

We are so super proud of our guy and can’t wait to see what first grade has in store for him!

Thanks Mrs. Songster, Mrs. Schrag, and all of Cornerstone Christian for an absolutely blessed first year of school!!!!


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