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I might need to reevaluate our summer.  See, we are are wrapping up our second official day of summer break, and we’ve had a play date both yesterday and today.  And, we have one scheduled for tomorrow.  Whereas the kids and I are both loving this, we are going to run out of people who want to come play pretty quick at this pace.  I might need to set my kids’ expectations of what summer break looks like a little lower so they’re not disappointed as summer moves along.  Although, as long as we have people wanting to get together, I think we’ll keep it up.  I already feel like summer is going to pass by in the blink of an eye, and I want Nate to love every minute of being home.  So, I suppose we’re now taking play date appointments for Monday – Thursday (Fridays are Daddy Day) now through August 14th.  🙂


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