bucket by bucket


keeping kids entertained, can be quite entertaining.  yes, i did suggest my kids attempt to fill the pool (90″x90″) using buckets they filled with water.  they were super excited – until after about 30 buckets.  nate began to then question how effective buckets were at filling the pool at that point.

i was super impressed at the taking turns and team work the biggers had going on throughout the process.  and they loved getting to both use the sprayer on the hose.

and, it was super entertaining to watch them run back and forth hard at work with a job they were committed to.

so back and forth they ran.  and i made sure to snap many picture with a big smile on my face.

unfortunately, after using it several times this week, the pool blew into the veggie garden after we emptied it and left it dry with a lawn chair inside it to weight it down in the wind.  as we lifted it out of the garden, it snagged on the small fence we have up around the garden.  hoping the patch that came with the pool truly works!


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