80s without trying


When school sent home a note saying that the theme for the last pep rally day was going to be the 80s, I thought, eh, we’ll just skip that one.  The morning of the next shirt up in Nate’s closet was his KC Royals shirt.  I pulled it out, and he put it on.  (With Jilly we’d have to debate our way through 4 outfits before she’d finally put something on.)

At breakfast I mentioned to Brad that it was 80s day, but we were just going to let Nate pass on dressing up for this one.  Brad then reminded me that the Royals won the World Series in the 80s so he was dressed 80s without even trying.  That triggered me to remember that Brad’s mom had passed on a couple of Brad’s things a few years back.  We pulled out the KC Royals jacket that Brad had worn when he was a Kindergartener (in the 80s!).

80s day accomplished!

Now if I could just figure out how to relax Nate’s smile!  Poor kid looks like he’s in pain.  Seems to be the norm when I snap his picture lately.


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