vacation (pt. 1)


Last Monday morning we set off on our week-long 4 city summer (technically spring if you ask Nate) vacation.  Day one was spent in Kansas City.  After tolerating some shopping with Brad and I, we surprised the kids with a visit to the new Legoland at the Crowne Center.  Nate had no clue where we were headed until we got almost to the door.  His look was priceless.

Nate’s favorite part was of course the educational part.  He loved learning how they make the Lego bricks.

They had an amazing depiction of some of the sites of KC in one room.  (It took master builders 6 months to build and then 1 1/2 months to set up once they moved it to KC)

There was enough in the main room for each kid’s interests and level to keep them busy for hours.  All three, plus Brad and I, had a great time playing and building.

After a full day in KC, we hit the road and headed towards St. Louis.  It was 3 or 4 hours past bedtime when we got in, but not late enough to not want to hop on the luggage cart for a quick pic.


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