big girl in a “big” bed



Both Nate and Jilly’s move from crib to a big kid bed was necessary due to a younger sibling needing to take over the crib. I figured since Laurel doesn’t have a younger sibling chasing her out of her bed, we had plenty of time to just let her hang out in her crib. Then she started to show more and more interest in the potty and showing more signs of readiness for potty training. My plan of just letting her hang out in her crib forever weren’t going to work. What were we going to do? Nate got Brad’s childhood bed. Jilly got my grandma’s bed once my parents purchased us a new mattress for our bed and she got the hand me down mattress. After thinking through several options, I ran across a $15 toddler bed on facebook. Perfect!

Laurel has spent 2 naps and 2 bedtimes in it and done amazingly wonderful. She stays on it when we put her down, and when she wakes up she waits for us to come in her room before getting off the bed. (This morning she stayed on it for 30 minutes after waking up before I opened her door!) Like I said, AMAZING! We’re leaving the crib up for now in case we have a set back in her staying on her bed and in her room, but so far it’s all good. Yay!


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