cookie crazy


The past two Mondays Jilly, Laurel, and I have been baking cookies. Our goal is to contribute 6 dozen cookies to the 36 dozen cookies that a family friend takes downtown along with others to share with the homeless as they also share love and Jesus. Every Tuesday and Thursday they go through 18 dozen cookies! It was getting tough for their still new ministry to afford homemade cookies twice a week, every week. I had thought quite a while back, that I would like to help out with the cookies – even though I kinda HATE baking. It’s a way I can contribute though, and that makes it worthwhile. I also asked for help from others on Facebook, and we have had more than enough cookies to cover both weeks so far, and have most if not all of next week already covered!! Praise Jesus!!!! And, although I still despise the clean up process after baking, I am actually enjoying my Monday morning baking time with the girls. I was reading through a story that I had ordered the kids from a recent book order, and it made me smile:

We are happy to share our cookies with many, many friends.



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