small town fair time!


What started out as a grey, rainy morning, turned out to be a gorgeous day for the Humboldt fair. We missed last year, but we had promised Jilly that she would get to go to the fair while Nate was at school since he got to go to Worlds of Fun with us this summer. She was super excited about being there, but it took a few minutes to get over the noise of the parade and learn the proper techniques for ensuring lots of candy being thrown her way. She figured it out though and got Laurel to help her out. By the end of the parade they had quite a bit of candy, and we are still no where close to finishing it a month later! After the parade and lunch it was time for much anticipated rides! Fun time! My favorite had to be riding to the top of the ferris wheel with Jilly and having her tell me she was just like Fern from Charlotte’s Web. Love that girl!





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