she sews: a tote


Lately I’ve been having to juggle things back and forth between one tote bag.  Although obviously it’s not a necessity, but I’ve been craving a new tote so that I don’t have to switch things out constantly.  I peeked around at a few places, but I wasn’t finding what I pictured in my mind.  Couple my desire for a new bag with the chevron print I have had my eye on at Hobby Lobby for a while, and I decided to attempt to make my own bag.  I put together different aspects of different tote tutorials found here, and I love what I have come up with.  It was actually super simple to complete, and I spent under $10 to make it!  Not bad in my mind!






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  1. are you going Etsy? I’ll take one!

    Also, I rely on an rss feed to tell me when there are new posts so I never really go to anyone’s blogs…but have been wondering lately…where are you? As your tagline up top says, perhaps you’re focusing on maintaining a bit more sanity and control! Or maybe you’re going strictly (gasp) facebook?!! Hope all is well and you’re not giving up on blogging!

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