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Happy 5th Birthday, Jilly Mae!!




We have a “rule” in our house that you wait until your 5th birthday before you get to have a friend birthday party.  To say that Jilly was excited to turn five, would be an understatement.  She went through countless theme ideas before finally settling on a Lalaloopsy party.  I was thrilled since it meant that I got to do all kinds of fun sewing projects to go along with it all.  The day was incredibly hot and incredibly windy.  I might have gotten slightly stressed over not being able to decorate the table as I had hoped due to the wind, but luckily 2-7 year olds don’t pay too much attention to decorations!

IMG_3288 IMG_3292 IMG_3317

Following her celebration with friends on Saturday, she got to celebrate with family on Sunday.  We had a low key, stay out of heat, home celebration.  She seemed to have a great time, and thoroughly enjoyed her moment in the spot light as everyone’s eyes were on her as we sang Happy Birthday to her.  (Don’t you dare tell her that isn’t a real American Girl doll!  She is quite certain that it is!!)

IMG_3349 IMG_3355 IMG_3364

After a couple days of break from celebrating, it was time for the actual day of her birthday.  She was thrilled to get to spend part of her day at preschool and celebrate with her classmates.  After opening gifts, she picked Jimmy John’s as her choice for her birthday dinner.   Although we were slightly surprised by this choice, we all enjoyed our meal.  Then it was back home for more gift opening with Grammy and Grandpa and a show before bed.  Happy birthday, Jilly Mae!


the lost, lost tooth



This just happens to be the week of Jilly.  The girl loves attention, and she sure does get to have the spot light on her a lot this week.  Saturday was her birthday party with friends, Sunday we celebrated her birthday with family, today is her first day of Preschool 4, Wednesday is her birthday, and Thursday she starts back in ballet class!  This much attention just wasn’t enough for her though – she needed to add to it.

After a very traumatic (for all of us) experience of having her first loose tooth pulled by dad, we decided to let this second one take its time.  Over the past week, she had started to talk about wiggling it – a conversation that would previously cause her to have a melt down – which let me know that it must be getting close to time for it to come out.

As we headed up to quiet time today, she mentioned that her tooth was bothering her.  I looked and noticed it was bleeding quite a bit.  (Here is where you need to know that I cannot stand loose or wiggling teeth or gaping holes where teeth one stood.)  I, being the brave obligated mom that I am, asked if she wanted me to try to pull it.  She, being the stubborn independent girl she is, said that she would do it.  And she did.  With just two tries, that tooth came right out.

Somewhere in the excitement of trying to find my phone so she could call her dad and share the news, the tooth got lost.  I thought that would cause a meltdown, but she was more than happy with the idea of writing a note to stick under her pillow.

What a little more attention for such an adorable girl!?!

1st day of Preschool!!!


One of the hardest things to explain to an excited student is why she has to wait a week and half longer than big brother for preschool to start.  Today was the much anticipated (by myself as much as her!) day.  Over the course of past few days she would break into excited giggles over the idea of school starting.



(You can from this point forward expect to see Ayla (the non-American Girl doll) in 99.9% of Jilly’s pictures.  They are apparently long lost BFFs and inseparable.)


She walked right into her classroom this morning with confidence and joy.  Now that I think about it, I don’t think I even got a good bye hug!  She chatted away about all her friends from last year that she got reunited with today and is thrilled at so many new friends to get to know.


Back to School


I guess today would fit into the category of blog worthy events for our family.  It’s back to school day for Nate!  He said he was awake at 6 excited to start the day.  He started 2nd grade this morning with a half day.  He seemed to LOVE it!  Brad and I were thrilled to get some actual conversation out of him regarding his day rather than just, “It was good.”


There is something about him being in second grade, that makes me miss teaching.  Second grade was my favorite to teach.  I loved everything about second graders.  They are so much fun to teach!  I’m hoping he loves second grade as much as I did!


the eight month gap


it’s been 8 months since i’ve blogged.

as the kids grow up life gets busier and busier even though it always feels as if we couldn’t possibly be busier than we previously were. i’d love to get back in the habit of blogging at least a couple of times a month – maybe an end of the month round up in addition to any holiday/birthday posts.  we’ll have to see.

here is where we currently stand:

Brad traveled to Belize and Kansas City with different groups of teens this summer.  He had a great time with both, but I think the highlight of this summer has been Nate getting golf clubs and Jilly getting a tennis racquet.

I have been busy sewing and mom-ing.  What started with a tote bag for Bible study has led to a small business adventure for me.  I am close to taking my 100th order!  (I’ve made close to 200 bags total now.)  We’ve kept on the go a lot this summer, and I’ve rarely heard the dreaded “I’m bored”.

Nate is 7 and about to head back to school.  He’ll be in second grade this fall (my favorite grade to teach when I taught!).  He loved the library this summer!  He would have completed a reading log every day (5 hours of reading) if I was willing to take him more than once a week!

Jilly is on the verge of her fifth birthday at the end of the month.  She is getting ready to start back with her second year of preschool in just a few weeks.  She takes her role as big and little sister very seriously – taking charge with LJ and driving Nate up the wall.  🙂

Laurel is “2 da half” and can’t wait for her “thirteen October” birthday.  She is the little momma in this house.  Seldom does she head anywhere without a baby within arm’s reach.  She has an incredible imagination that I can’t wait to see grow with her.

I guess that about does it.  It’s kinda like a preview of what our Christmas letter might just look like.  🙂