Daily Archives: Friday, August 9, 2013

the eight month gap


it’s been 8 months since i’ve blogged.

as the kids grow up life gets busier and busier even though it always feels as if we couldn’t possibly be busier than we previously were. i’d love to get back in the habit of blogging at least a couple of times a month – maybe an end of the month round up in addition to any holiday/birthday posts.  we’ll have to see.

here is where we currently stand:

Brad traveled to Belize and Kansas City with different groups of teens this summer.  He had a great time with both, but I think the highlight of this summer has been Nate getting golf clubs and Jilly getting a tennis racquet.

I have been busy sewing and mom-ing.  What started with a tote bag for Bible study has led to a small business adventure for me.  I am close to taking my 100th order!  (I’ve made close to 200 bags total now.)  We’ve kept on the go a lot this summer, and I’ve rarely heard the dreaded “I’m bored”.

Nate is 7 and about to head back to school.  He’ll be in second grade this fall (my favorite grade to teach when I taught!).  He loved the library this summer!  He would have completed a reading log every day (5 hours of reading) if I was willing to take him more than once a week!

Jilly is on the verge of her fifth birthday at the end of the month.  She is getting ready to start back with her second year of preschool in just a few weeks.  She takes her role as big and little sister very seriously – taking charge with LJ and driving Nate up the wall.  🙂

Laurel is “2 da half” and can’t wait for her “thirteen October” birthday.  She is the little momma in this house.  Seldom does she head anywhere without a baby within arm’s reach.  She has an incredible imagination that I can’t wait to see grow with her.

I guess that about does it.  It’s kinda like a preview of what our Christmas letter might just look like.  🙂