1st day of Preschool!!!


One of the hardest things to explain to an excited student is why she has to wait a week and half longer than big brother for preschool to start.  Today was the much anticipated (by myself as much as her!) day.  Over the course of past few days she would break into excited giggles over the idea of school starting.



(You can from this point forward expect to see Ayla (the non-American Girl doll) in 99.9% of Jilly’s pictures.  They are apparently long lost BFFs and inseparable.)


She walked right into her classroom this morning with confidence and joy.  Now that I think about it, I don’t think I even got a good bye hug!  She chatted away about all her friends from last year that she got reunited with today and is thrilled at so many new friends to get to know.



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