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Laurel turns 3!!!


Yesterday was Laurel’s big day.  It’s tough to be the youngest and have the last birthday of the year for the family.  She was a trooper though and kept up with daily asking “It my birthday now?”

It’s always fun when a birthday falls on the weekend, and we can celebrate with everyone on the day of the actual birthday.  After worship we headed to Pizza Ranch for lunch.  Once everyone was filled, we headed over to a kite festival that was going on nearby.  The kids loved seeing all of the gigantic kites.  I think their favorite was easily the caterpillar that rolled back and forth on the ground over them.  We definitely need to upgrade our kite collection though since our cheap, plastic Elmo kite just wouldn’t fly.  (Thank you Brad for trying so many times to get it going!)

IMG_3498 IMG_3500 IMG_3504 IMG_3512 IMG_3525 IMG_3528 IMG_3533 IMG_3537


After our fun at the kite festival, we headed back to our house for presents and ice cream cake.

IMG_3550 IMG_3556 IMG_3558 IMG_3564 IMG_3567 IMG_3574 IMG_3575 IMG_3584 IMG_3585

In the end, it was a full, fun day.  We are so incredibly blessed with a super sweet girl!  Happy 3rd Birthday, LJ!


Fair day ’13


We are now the proud owner of a lemur. And a 3 1/2 foot long snake. (Both of which received a solid coat of Lysol before enter bedrooms, and one of which already needs back surgery to stitch him up.) We also came home from the fair with 3 sacks of candy, 2 plastic trumpets, and one pink ball (and likely many creepy carnival germs).


It was a fun day, and one that we look forward to in the months leading up to the Richardson County Fair. I’ve been to the Arkansas State Fair growing up, and what I’ve come to learn is that I like the small town fair much better. I loved growing up and getting to go to Nokomis, IL for the Homecoming Fair each year. I have incredible memories of those weekend, and I’m glad that my kids get the same small town fair experience each year.

We sit near the tail end of the parade route, and even though most have run out of candy to toss by the time they hit our spot, we still come home with enough tootsie rolls to last us the next several months. This was the first year since I started going that Brad’s sister brought her family down on Friday. It’s always fun to watch the kids get to enjoy their cousins.

IMG_3452 IMG_3453 IMG_3456 IMG_3458 IMG_3465

After the parade wrapped up it was time to find some lunch and gear up for an afternoon of riding the rides. Nate is kind of in an in between stage with rides. He’s too big for the little kid stuff, and none of the other kids are really big enough to enjoy the big kid rides with him. Lucky for him his little sister is in the 91% for height, and she was able to go with him on some of the bigger stuff as long as she had a adult with her.










And, this is pretty much how we all felt as we drove home:


Thank you Humboldt, NE and Richardson County fair for an amazing day at the fair!

momma’s sidekick


While the big kids have been having lots of fun things going on lately, Laurel seems to be missing out on blog posts.  She seems to think she is just as big as Nate and Jilly, but she doesn’t get all of the extra fun things going on quite yet.  I’m sure I’ll blink and I’ll be posting about her going to school, losing teeth, and running off to Husker games!

She is my faithful sidekick.  I can’t seem to get more than about 5 feet from her before I hear a panicked, “Mom!  Mom?  Mom, where are you?!”  Here’s a sample conversation from earlier today: (I had just hoped in the shower and Laurel pulled a chair to the bathroom doorway and was quietly sitting in it.)  Laurel:  I go play now Mommy?  Me:  Ummm,  yes please!!  (No audience needed while showering, thanks!)

As I’ve snapped pictures of the other kids lately, she has been right by my side with her little “me too, Mommy?”




Our Favorite!





October brings birthday cards and gifts for Laurel and I as we both celebrate our birthdays, but there are always a few cards and such in the mix for Brad.  October is Pastor Appreciation Month, which some people actually remember and acknowledge.  😉  The kids and I decided that it was wrong of us to not acknowledge our family’s favorite pastor.

They colored signs (Laurel’s says “Best”, but she refused to hold it up. (And Jilly refused to make a normal face.)), and I wrapped up a Flintstones DVD.  The kids have been really into old cartoons lately (classic Mickey, Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, etc.), and Brad has been enjoying it and mentioned wanting to introduce them to The Flintstones.

It was a fun way to turn an ordinary day into a fun celebration – which the kids are always up for!

an elmo takeover



He’s a blessing – and a curse.

For one sweet 2 year old, he’s an obsession.


on the TV, in books, soft toys, hard toys, in my CD player in the car, on my phone, on the computer – everywhere!

And in the rare moments when he’s no where to be found, one sweet 2 year old turns not so sweet.

Let’s hope this passes quickly!


Happy 2nd Birthday Laurel!!!


Last Saturday Laurel Jane turned 2!  Again, time is flying by way too fast, but there is no denying she is growing up.  She is a chatter box that will talk your ear off about Elmo and anything else she can think of.  She mostly mastered potty training by her 2nd birthday – there were 5 1/2 really rough days that led to some major success.  She definitely has the mood swings of a two year old, and plays the role of terrible twos quite effortlessly.  😉  Her birthday celebrations of course had to include her beloved Elmo!  She had a great time celebrating with family!

fishing and fun


A dreary, rainy morning has left me unable to go on my morning walk and not desiring to drag the girls out in it to get the grocery shopping done.  Instead I’ll plow ahead in getting caught up on my blogging and picture sharing.

Then entire Knorr clan was invited out to Glen and Verna’s place a few weeks ago, and about half of the family made it out for the day.  It was a lot of fun, and the kids had a great time.  It had been a long time since they had since some of their extended cousins which led to many new fun things to play together.

The highlight of the day though was the kids getting to go fishing for the first time.  They talked about it for the week leading up to us going out, and even with pouring rain, it lived up to all they dreamed it would be.  They were so cute when the actually caught a couple.  Jilly reached the point where patience waiting for a fish was not worth her time, but she got really good at casting!


Table top girl


We went through a 3 or 4 week spell lately of constantly having to retrieve Laurel from the top of the kitchen table.  She was on to of it constantly.  As with anything at this age, the fascination seems to be waning now.  Hopefully soon it will be a distant memory that will only be remembered by her pictures.  🙂

Her toothbrush and Elmo on mom’s Iphone are not fading fascinations at this point yet unfortunately.

one year later


A couple of weeks ago I asked Jenni if she wanted to get the kids together on the last day of summer break.  We did the same thing last year, and I thought it would be fun to make it a little tradition – at least for as long as it works out.  We decided on a day at the zoo, and it was the perfect day for it.  It’s amazing how much our kids have grown up in the 6 short and fast years we’ve known each other!

Here is the link for last year’s picture as they headed off to kindergarten.

And, here is the picture from our first graders!

And the middles can’t stand to be left out, so they jumped into a pic too:

Next year, we look forward to Naika being a part of our August pics of the kids!

So thankful for amazing friends!!!