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A Getaway!


Brad and I were super blessed at the end of September to travel with the other pastors and wives from KoK to take a few days to retreat together in Hilton Head Island, SC.  It was an incredible place to take a few days break from the norms of daily life.  The house we stayed in was beyond amazing, the beach was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and NO KIDS came along!!!!  (Thanks again to Dave and Kay!!!)

{the view from our bedroom}

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{this made me a little nervous}

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{a couple days later Brad and I spotted this across the street from the house}

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{It’s always nice to get away together!}

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{The amount of creatures we saw was amazing – and made us miss the kids since we knew they would love it all.}

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{After our all the quick time in Hilton Head was done, Brad and I drove to Atlanta to take advantage of a couple of extra days away and visited several different Atlanta spots.}

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Prayer requests?


Nate came running in the house the other day all excited to have me come outside and see what Dad had found.  It just so happened that Brad had spotted a praying mantis in our yard as he was spraying for weeds.  I decided I should grab the camera and get some pictures.  Here is our little friend:

The third picture is now our desktop background our home computer.  Nate loves to just sit and stare at it.  We of course pulled out our praying mantis bug facts card and found out what they like to eat.  Nate was glad to learn they don’t like to eat people. 😉  I was extra glad the next day when he had moved on since I needed to mow the lawn!

a snipet of heaven (for me at least)


just a couple weeks shy of having lived here for four years, i finally got to go to the botanical gardens.  we went last monday while my parents were still in town, and it was a gorgeous day.  although i think i’d love it even more with out kids in tow, i’m glad to know what’s there and that it’s worth go back to.  here are a few of the pictures i took.  (i’ll try to get around to sharing some of mom and dad’s another time, but right now i’d like to be heading to bed shortly.)

oh yeah, we were there too.  i can’t help it, i love flowers and especially photos i’ve taken of flowers!

(they had a scavenger hunt for kids)

(we tried for a family pic, we got one, but still not the one i picture in my head.)

rides of all kinds


any guess as to

where we spent

our friday and saturday?

it has been a while.  i’m not sure exactly how long, but long enough since we headed down to brad’s parents for an overnight stay.  i’d say we all walked (okay, drove) away having had a great time.  some are a bit more exhausted than others (both kids were in bed by 7:15 tonight).

it was a weekend full of 4 wheeler riding,


grandparent dragging,

tractor riding,

and swinging.

and those were just the photographed activities.  there was plenty more fun had which went un-photographed.

i love the memories our kids are forming of time spent at the farm.

love it!!!


can i just say that i love my new camera!!!!  here are a few shots from the front garden a few minutes ago.

he was a bit camera shy, but after some patient waiting he let me get a few shots of him.  i need to work on watching shadows since several shots were ruined by shadows.

the first hints of fall are beginnng to hit our front tree.  with a low of 35 tonight, i guess i can’t delay the inevitable coming of cold weather.

under attack


we had a lot we wanted to accomplish thursday night after taking tori to the airport.

  (btw, i’ll share more about that once pictures have been loaded to dad’s site and i can steal some) 

we wanted to come home, eat dinner, go grocery shopping, mow the lawn, and relax.  things were going great until it came time to get the yard ready for mowing. 

i went out to wind up the sprinkler hose so that we go mow before it got any darker.  apparently our hose holder is also home to an unfriendly wasp.  we’ve seen him hanging around and searched for his home previously, but we’d never found it.  until thursday that is. 

i didn’t realize that i was blocking his front door, but he realized it and wanted me to know it.  instead of a polite “excuse me”, the meanie stung me. 

for someone who’s been stung by wasps throughout their lives, this might come as no big deal.  i on the other hand have gone just over a month shy of 30 years w/out a single encounter with a wasp stinger.

it hurt.  i freaked out.  tears were streaming.  i called for brad who was on the front side of the house.  i’m bawling at this point and panic is starting to set in. 

what if i’m allergic??  what does it mean for the baby??  what if my throat swells shut, and the baby is hurt??  am i having trouble breathing??

brad and nate have come in.  brad sits down at the computer to find out what to do for me.  nate starts asking dad for a kleenex.  (mom is crying therefore a kleenex is required.) 

time is creeping.  my arm is hurt.  brad is still at the computer.  nate is still trying to get daddy to hand him a kleenex.

finally nate gets the much desired kleenex.  i reach out to take it from him.  nope.  he insists on being the one to wipe my tears, just like i wipe his.  his sweetness melts me.  can’t help but smile a little.

i survived. 

i will not be watering the backyard again until we get some wasp spray and put that wasp through the same pain and panic i experienced.

taking flight


meet weber.

his mom brought him to our deck yesterday and then must have headed out for happy hour.

guess we were suppose to babysit him.

finally mom came back several hours later with dinner for the little guy.

and off they flew.

speaking of flying . . .

my brother matt’s been doing a bit of that in the past couple of days.

he has made it safely back to the states for a couple weeks of leave.

hopefully he’ll be back in the rock (little rock for all you non-lr people) around lunchtime.

i feel like i’m breathing easier.

so glad to know he’s “safe”.

not going to let myself think about sending him back in a couple of weeks.

pray that this visit is blessed in endless ways by God.