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the lost, lost tooth



This just happens to be the week of Jilly.  The girl loves attention, and she sure does get to have the spot light on her a lot this week.  Saturday was her birthday party with friends, Sunday we celebrated her birthday with family, today is her first day of Preschool 4, Wednesday is her birthday, and Thursday she starts back in ballet class!  This much attention just wasn’t enough for her though – she needed to add to it.

After a very traumatic (for all of us) experience of having her first loose tooth pulled by dad, we decided to let this second one take its time.  Over the past week, she had started to talk about wiggling it – a conversation that would previously cause her to have a melt down – which let me know that it must be getting close to time for it to come out.

As we headed up to quiet time today, she mentioned that her tooth was bothering her.  I looked and noticed it was bleeding quite a bit.  (Here is where you need to know that I cannot stand loose or wiggling teeth or gaping holes where teeth one stood.)  I, being the brave obligated mom that I am, asked if she wanted me to try to pull it.  She, being the stubborn independent girl she is, said that she would do it.  And she did.  With just two tries, that tooth came right out.

Somewhere in the excitement of trying to find my phone so she could call her dad and share the news, the tooth got lost.  I thought that would cause a meltdown, but she was more than happy with the idea of writing a note to stick under her pillow.

What a little more attention for such an adorable girl!?!


chapel singing


Jilly’s class sang in chapel for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  Jilly loves the stage, so there was no shyness to be found in her.  She was extra excited since it was also Brad who was going to be doing the talk a few minutes after they sang.  She sang, she did motions, she beamed.  I am sure that she can’t wait for it to be their turn to go back up again!  (I am so far behind on posts, that I am skipping fixing the red eye in the pics.)

Preschool Princess


Jilly’s long awaited preschool debut finally came on August 28th (which also happens to be her birthday, but we’ll cover that in another post).  this girl has been so ready for preschool, but we decided not to send her last year since it would have meant doing preschool 3 twice with the school cutoff date changing this year.  I’m glad we made the decision we did, as we are getting really good feedback from her teacher regarding her independence and leadership.  She is a good 12+ inches taller than a least two or three kids in her class, but she doesn’t seem to mind.  One of her favorite activities so far has been painting – something we NEVER do here at home.  I’m glad she get’s the chance, and they get the clean up.  😉

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synopsis of a summer


Oh my.  Where to start?  Where did the last two and a half months go?  Nate has 3 short days of summer break left and then it’s on to first grade!  Let’s see.  We survived tball season.  I’m still not convinced we are cut out to be a sports consumed family.  The kids loved attending VBS this summer.  They still sing the songs and continue to remind each other to “trust God” on a regular basis.  We traveled down to my parents and spent a week.  My Grammy was still with them, and I was super excited for Nate and Jilly to get to see her again since they weren’t part of my February trip.  We’ve enjoyed our splash pad, but with the extreme weather, we’ve not been there too much.  Jilly is beyond excited to start preschool on her birthday.  I’m still in disbelief that she’s about to be four!  We’ve been hard at work on our basement.  Framing of the walls is done.  Plumbing is run.  Electrical should be in sometime in late September, and then it’s on to drywall!  I’m sure there’s much more, but I’ve been putting off blogging longer and longer because of being so super behind.  Now I feel at least a little caught up.

being elf-ed


we’ve had a fun time hanging out with all of my family over the past week, and we’ve definitely kept busy.  last thursday everyone came over for dinner and some time together.  ginny came prepped with a craft for the kids.  the kids, especially the older ones, loved getting to turn themselves into an elf.

nate, who as always enjoyed doing crafts, was the first to jump into making his.  he had a plan and knew exactly what he wanted it to be like.

he loved getting to have aunt ginny help him out along the way.

each mom jumped in and helped out.  even matt did his fair share of cutting out shoes and hats before whining his way out of it.

jilly has definitely been growing up a lot lately, and was very serious about her elf.  she is for sure going to be ready to do preschool this fall!

our smiley, happy girl.

dad hung out with the movie watchers while we worked with a couple cousins at a time.

camyrn grace was busy right away accordion folding her elf legs.

no child seemed to be able to get enough of gluing on the the fuzzy poms.

they all turned out super cute and are hung up to be seen when you walk in the front door.



for being the sister who would freak out and throw a fit at leaving nate at preschool twice a week last year, this girl has apparently done a lot of growing up over the summer.  i was worried she would throw a tantrum when it was time to leave nate yesterday, but she did just fine.  she also waved goodbye to nate and daddy this morning like a champ.

although she’s stuck by my side pretty much the entire time nate is gone, she has done really well.  i have to say that i am enjoying some good one on one time with my middle kid.  lucky for her laurel take a good size morning nap from about 9-11:30 each morning which means she gets some good time of having me all to herself.  she is totally soaking in all the undivided attention.  this morning we went and played on the swingset, colored, and played babies.  she is such a laid back kid when there’s no sibling to compete with.  my hope is to be able to pour into her, in  the next several months while laurel continues her morning nap, like i’ve never felt i had the time to.



since i’m a few weeks behind on posting picture, i decided i would do a post for each kid with picture of what each as been up to in recent weeks.  i’ll start today with naters, who has had a very busy couple of weeks.

king of kings played host to a special pinewood derby race that was open to boy scouts and non boy scouts.  nate and his grandpa had worked while we were in nyc a while back on getting his car ready.  he was super excited the morning of the races as he ran around the house as fast as he could.  when i asked what he was doing, he replied, “i’m getting ready for the races mom!”  although he didn’t win and it was a much longer day than expected, he had fun.

we took advantage of a couple days of highs in the upper 90s to pull the pool and sprinkler out for some fun playtime.  although the pool is now deflated again as we wait for summer to officially arrive, it was fun to get a taste of the fun that lies ahead.

nate also had preschool graduation last week.  it was fun to see all that he has learned over the past 2 years of preschool.

time with naters


yesterday was mother’s tea at preschool with nate.  in the 3’s class they have a “day with dads”.  although i was happy for brad and nate to have a special event last year, i was glad it was now my turn.  they sang a few songs and gave us back rubs and hand massages.  we also got to enjoy cake and m&m’s which is always a plus!  i know i just said it a few posts ago, but i can’t believe our preschool days are so close to being over!!!


it’s hard to believe nate’s preschool days are coming to a quick close!  last thursday he sang in chapel, and it was adorable as always.  i have loved being blessed with the opportunity to send him to preschool. 

since laurel hates nursing under the cover, i snuck out to go feed her in the mother’s room because i figured nate was done singing, and i wouldn’t miss too much.  apparently right after i headed out he got called up to the front to answer some questions.  go figure.  luckily brad was manning the camera that day, and i got to hear about it and see pictures. 

“do we have to wear our green again tomorrow mom?”


stripes with green

curious with green

green with more green

nate was full of all kinds of questions about the point of st. patrick’s day this morning when i told him we had to wear green today.  i didn’t have many answers to satisfy his multitude of questions though.  in my mind i thought, good thing he has preschool today – they can explain it to him.

our lunch conversation:

me:  did you learn about st. patrick’s day at school today bud?

nate:  no, we just learn about Jesus at my school.

me:  i like that answer naters.