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1st Grader!!!


Nate started 1st grade a month ago, but I am finally getting his first day pics up.  He was excited to see his friends, but he was not thrilled to be missing out on what happened at home when he was gone.  They started on a Wednesday, and by Friday he was upset that he had to stay home with us on Saturday and Sunday.

School has gotten off to a good start for him.  He went from having 2 kindergarten classes with 7 kids each to 1 first grade class with 21 (20 beginning Monday as one girl moved to Michigan this weekend).  I think he is enjoying a bigger class and loves having 2 teachers (regular classroom teacher and a student teacher until Christmas).

When we asked him what the best part of first grade is – SCIENCE!  He was so excited to have “real” science this year.  Not at all surprising that this would be his favorite!

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one year later


A couple of weeks ago I asked Jenni if she wanted to get the kids together on the last day of summer break.  We did the same thing last year, and I thought it would be fun to make it a little tradition – at least for as long as it works out.  We decided on a day at the zoo, and it was the perfect day for it.  It’s amazing how much our kids have grown up in the 6 short and fast years we’ve known each other!

Here is the link for last year’s picture as they headed off to kindergarten.

And, here is the picture from our first graders!

And the middles can’t stand to be left out, so they jumped into a pic too:

Next year, we look forward to Naika being a part of our August pics of the kids!

So thankful for amazing friends!!!

synopsis of a summer


Oh my.  Where to start?  Where did the last two and a half months go?  Nate has 3 short days of summer break left and then it’s on to first grade!  Let’s see.  We survived tball season.  I’m still not convinced we are cut out to be a sports consumed family.  The kids loved attending VBS this summer.  They still sing the songs and continue to remind each other to “trust God” on a regular basis.  We traveled down to my parents and spent a week.  My Grammy was still with them, and I was super excited for Nate and Jilly to get to see her again since they weren’t part of my February trip.  We’ve enjoyed our splash pad, but with the extreme weather, we’ve not been there too much.  Jilly is beyond excited to start preschool on her birthday.  I’m still in disbelief that she’s about to be four!  We’ve been hard at work on our basement.  Framing of the walls is done.  Plumbing is run.  Electrical should be in sometime in late September, and then it’s on to drywall!  I’m sure there’s much more, but I’ve been putting off blogging longer and longer because of being so super behind.  Now I feel at least a little caught up.

80s without trying


When school sent home a note saying that the theme for the last pep rally day was going to be the 80s, I thought, eh, we’ll just skip that one.  The morning of the next shirt up in Nate’s closet was his KC Royals shirt.  I pulled it out, and he put it on.  (With Jilly we’d have to debate our way through 4 outfits before she’d finally put something on.)

At breakfast I mentioned to Brad that it was 80s day, but we were just going to let Nate pass on dressing up for this one.  Brad then reminded me that the Royals won the World Series in the 80s so he was dressed 80s without even trying.  That triggered me to remember that Brad’s mom had passed on a couple of Brad’s things a few years back.  We pulled out the KC Royals jacket that Brad had worn when he was a Kindergartener (in the 80s!).

80s day accomplished!

Now if I could just figure out how to relax Nate’s smile!  Poor kid looks like he’s in pain.  Seems to be the norm when I snap his picture lately.

bar setting


I might need to reevaluate our summer.  See, we are are wrapping up our second official day of summer break, and we’ve had a play date both yesterday and today.  And, we have one scheduled for tomorrow.  Whereas the kids and I are both loving this, we are going to run out of people who want to come play pretty quick at this pace.  I might need to set my kids’ expectations of what summer break looks like a little lower so they’re not disappointed as summer moves along.  Although, as long as we have people wanting to get together, I think we’ll keep it up.  I already feel like summer is going to pass by in the blink of an eye, and I want Nate to love every minute of being home.  So, I suppose we’re now taking play date appointments for Monday – Thursday (Fridays are Daddy Day) now through August 14th.  🙂

Kindergarten Graduation


Today Nate became an official Kindergarten graduate.  Thanks to snow days not being needed, they were able to chop a full week off the end of the school year which means early summer!!!  It’s been so much fun watching him grow and learn academically, socially, and most importantly, spiritually this year.

Here is Nate and his best bud, Mara.  Her mom and I decided we needed to snap a few pictures of them in case their dreams of marriage eventually occur.  (I can’t begin to tell you how many “Mom, when Mara and I are married . . .” conversations have occurred in our house this year!)  Thankfully they should get to see each other over the summer since she happens to be a King of Kings member even though we’d never met before this school year!  Her mom and I have had many laughs on the playground after school about the conversations they have about each other at home.  Adorable!

During the ceremony, each student was received a reward.  Nate was recognized for class participation – from answering questions to sharing pray requests.

Nate and Mrs. Songster – an absolutely amazing teacher who LOVES her students

Nate and Grandma – we sure missed Grandpa, Grammy, and Grandpa, but we were thankful Grandma could make it

We are so super proud of our guy and can’t wait to see what first grade has in store for him!

Thanks Mrs. Songster, Mrs. Schrag, and all of Cornerstone Christian for an absolutely blessed first year of school!!!!

field trip!


Today we got to do what I’d waited all year to be able to do. Nate’s class finally had a field trip on Friday which is the one day of the week that is doable for us. Since I knew the girls Jilly would really want to go I asked if we could just meet them since they were headed to the zoo. Although they usually don’t do that for field trips, I was super excited to be told yes.

It was so much fun to get to see Nate interact with his class and teacher. I’m going to miss him having such a tiny class next year (the school is growing in student population big time for next fall), but it has been such a blessing while it lasted.

Most of Nate’s class


Both kindergarten classes


our gallery


This year has provided us more “artwork” than ever before between Nate being in Kindergarten and Jilly doing various projects on Tuesday mornings.  Since our stainless steel refrigerator won’t hold magnets, we quickly ran out of room on the one side of the fridge that shows and holds magnets.  Sometime this winter I decided to use our big, blank, white door to the garage to be our art gallery.  It has worked well, and I’ve enjoyed the constant changing of it with all that comes home with the kids.  I’m definitely going to miss it all this summer.  I suppose I’m going to have to draw out the teacher in me and have them do some projects over the summer to keep it changed from time to time.  What do you do with all the artwork that gets brought home?

(And, no, the giraffe has 4 legs and a tail, not 5 legs.  Not that I would have had to spend time trying to figure that out.)

put us down in pencil


Although I know kids can change your plans quickly and often at the last minute, I’m still a planner.  It’s just the way I’m wired.  I like to put things on the calendar well in advance.  It’s not that we’re so busy we must plan 3 weeks in advance (although the bigger or kids get the quicker the days do fill up), but there is a certain peace I have in knowing things are planned.

We planned Nate’s party for Friday the 20th.  His birthday was on the 11th, but the Friday before and the Friday after wouldn’t work for various reasons.

So, when he came home Wednesday not acting like himself I let the kids just turn on the tv and veg.  It was a much more peaceful option than letting them play and listening to a very crabby Nate get upset over every little misstep of Jilly and Laurel.  As we headed up for bedtime, I noticed Nate’s forehead was burning up.  Brad mentioned that he thought it felt hot when he had gotten home from work.  I’m assuming crabby Nate was probably running fever since before I picked him up from school.

Thursday, fever won’t go away.  Must make a decision about the birthday party.  Party canceled, well technically rescheduled.  Friday, woke up with no fever.  Yay!  Oh, no, it’s back.  Must have just still had some ibuprofen in his system.  Glad party is postponed.  Saturday, fever still hanging around.  Trip to doctor.  Fever should ended Sunday.  Sunday, very slight fever.  Glimmer of hope!  Oh, what’s that Jilly?  You say you have a headache.  Yup, and a gradually increasing fever to go along with it.  Joy.

So, today was suppose to be a day of celebrating Nate and Brad’s dad’s birthdays, but no go.  We’ll have to pass on that one too.  At this point, I’m just hoping that this is all out of our house by this coming Thursday when we have Nate’s party rescheduled for.

We’ll see.  Never can tell for sure with kids.

At least it’s nice enough to still get outside some.

And, flowers are blooming which always makes this girl just that much happier.



I’ve recently visited this blog several times and thought that maybe it was the day to dive back into blogging. As I hovered at the end of the diving board, ready to jump back into the pool of blogging, I would click away and climb off the diving board. I’m sure the ease of facebook and my iphone have added to my lack of blogging. It’s just to simple to zoom a picture I just snapped onto facebook with a quick status. Much more simple than thought out blog post on which I have to downsize my pictures so I don’t use up my allotted space too quickly.


Here I am though. I dove. And as long as I hit the publish button, we’ll assume I didn’t drown. Okay, I’m getting tired of the pool illustration.

February 23rd marked my first blog post 6 years ago! Happy (missed) birthday blog.

All 3 boys in Nate’s class have birthdays within a month of each other so we have birthday on the brain around here. Unfortunately for Nate, he is birthday #3 of 3. He is going to the first one’s party tomorrow evening. It’s at a place that is new in town, and we’ve not been to before. Another mom at Bible Study Fellowship this morning said she was having her son skip a party there this weekend because she just wasn’t comfortable with it. And another mom I talked with yesterday said she has a friend whose child ended up hurt pretty bad there. Yikes! I’m hoping my son’s super cautious side makes my saying okay to him going result in no injuries.

I spent 5 nights in Arkansas with Laurel at the beginning of February, and Jilly has been a new child since I returned. Brad likes to think he got her in line. I like to think she missed me so much she’s going to remain on her best behavior just so I don’t go away again! I”m thinking a trip like that 2 to 3 times a year just to keep her behavior at its best might be in order. 😉


Laurel passed the 17 month mark yesterday. As with any third child, I totally forgot to take a picture for comparison sake. Maybe later today. Or next week. Or, well, we’ll see. She’s growing up fast on us. Still loves to climb (and therefore fall) and has the bruises to prove it.

Last weekend we headed down to the farm and had a great time. I actually drove one of the four wheelers for the first time in years. It was fun riding out to see the bald eagle sitting in the huge nest (and we assume on eggs). Not sure my 3 kids have every been as dirty as they got in the 24ish hours we spent there, but they truly had a great time in the dirt.


Although Wednesdays are pretty non-stop around here, we’ve definitely been getting outside and enjoying the nice weather a lot the past several days. I’m hoping we don’t return to below 60s for highs, but I also know it’s a real possibility.

Brad and I are pretty sure we’re going to jump in and do a veggie garden in the backyard this summer. I’m hoping that we’re quick learners and don’t end up wasting too much time and money.

Well, I’m going to call that enough updating. Oh yeah, Nate has his first loose tooth! And I, the hater of all things related to tooth losing and growing, actually wiggled it for him to show him last night! Yay Nate! Yay me!