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garden glimpse


We’re a few weeks into our veggie garden adventure, and we’re starting to see some filling in (and some gaping holes).  We knew we were planting early, but we had plenty of seeds in each package to be able to replant later if necessary.  Sure enough, soon after we planted it got plenty cool and at times cold again.  This weekend we’ll go back and replant some things and hope that this time they will take and sprout.  Even with it still being early in the game, we have quite a bit coming up and some of it is growing quite nicely.

Here’s a peek:

{tomato plants that will hopefully soon be able to go in the ground.  the tallest is getting its first few flowers!  yay!}

{carrots.  i’d almost given up on these guys coming up and thought we’d have to replant them all.  but this week we have almost all of their half rows coming up and filling in!  don’t think we’ll need to replant any of these guys!}

{onions.  these guys are slow and sparse.  we’ll probably replant some more of them.}

{spinach.  we have about half of a row of these guys that come up and half that didn’t we’ll probably go in and fill in the empty spots with more.}

{peas.  these guys are my favorite.  they’re adorable.  no?  well i think they are.  we had about a quarter of these guys come up.  since they are what Brad is most excited about we will definitely be replanting some of these guys this weekend.  oh, and do they need some sort of thing to grow on.  i’m assuming they do with they’re little curly grabbers that are growing.}

{lettuce.  salad anyone?  we’re are having major success in the lettuce department.  we have a full row of these guys.  i’m hoping everyone is ready for some greens!}

{strawberries!  i’m not much of a veggie eater, but fruit – more please!  our first strawberry is ready to be picked.  i figure it’s not fair if i snag it so we’ll pick it tomorrow and split it amongst us all!}

{here’s a picture of the garden as it looked this afternoon.  i’m definitely looking forward to when the flags aren’t needed to mark the rows!  soon!}

Now, if I can just teach myself to like peas, lettuce, spinach, carrots, onions, and tomatoes.  I’ll do the growing, y’all can do the eating!!!


projects aplenty


We’ve been keeping plenty busy around here lately.  I thought I’d share a glimpse of a few of our recent projects.  (A small part of why I was too busy to blog for a while.)

1.  The quilt I started for Brad on our second anniversary.  We celebrate anniversary number 10 in November.  In my defense though, we’ve added a dog and three munckins to the family since starting this project.  I’m thrilled to be working on it again though.  Still not thrilled that every completed 8″x8″ square is made up of 32 triangles.  What was I thinking????



2.  The second quilt I ever started.  It’s oh so close to done, but again should have made it easier on myself and not done shooting stars all over the dark blue strips.



3. Being the lover of sewing that I am, I couldn’t take the simple route and just buy Nate a school spirit shirt.  I pictured in my head what making one would look like.  Yeah, should have again taken the easier route.  Cutting out and sewing on small letters is NOT easy.  I am super excited about the way it turned out considering how difficult it was to make.  Let’s hope all three kids wear this at various times over the years.  (Somehow I don’t have a picture of the completed shirt.)

4.  After much talking about whether we should or shouldn’t, we dug in and started a veggie garden this weekend.  It’s about 170 square feet, and no we don’t know exactly what we plan to grow at this point.  Thank goodness for a husband who is much stronger than I am and endure the bulk of the hard work – although my muscles from head to toe are sore enough to think I did the entire project alone.  We are super thankful and blessed to have friends with pickup trucks that were able to give us a hand – thanks Careys and Zagozdas!!!



Not that I need another project, but I told Brad I wanted to run to the fabric store tomorrow and see if I get inspired to make Easter dresses for the girls.  We’ll see!