scrubbing toilets


today i’m blogging before my kids have long enough to do something our look too cute.  i’ve had a blog post on my mind for a couple of days, but the kids kept getting in the way.  🙂

i’m curious.

how do you manage to get it all done?  housework, that is.  sure, i’m a stay at home mom, but i find it nearly impossible to find time to clean the house.  i really want to be better, but i’m struggling to know exactly how to make this happen.  i get the to surface-y clutter stuff, but struggle with things like scrubbing, dusting, mopping, etc.  do you have a routine?  a plan?  what works for you?  i love all of you who read this dearly, but if your answer is a housekeeper/maid just know it’s not an option.  i need to know from people who do it themselves, how do you get it done (with kids around)?

in my effort to find a way that works for me, i’ve been working through the baby steps on .  i’m looking forward to getting through the month of habit creating baby steps and moving into the routine of cleaning.  hopefully i will find success with this, but only time will tell.

so, if you don’t mind, share what works for you.


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