yes, she had a birthday


it’s been 2 1/2 weeks since laurel turned one, and i can still hardly believe her birthday has come and gone.  i remember being so excited for nate and jilly as they turned one and learned each new thing.  with laurel though, i want to stay and savor each passing moment.  i feel as if i’ve not had an adequate chance to soak in the current stage before she’s already blazing on to the next one.

but it happens.  her birthday came.  i can’t deny she’s one.  it seems as if i get comments so often regarding how much she’s growing up lately.  it helps me remember to get down andplay with her and soak every passing moment in.

her birthday happened to be on a thursday (oct. 13) which meant nate had a full day of school and brad had a full day of work.  i felt bad that we had no big plans, but a laid back day at home is always a winner in my book so that’s what we did.  valisa (one of laurel’s godparents and her birthday buddy) joined us for dinner that night since her birthday plans were dinner the cafeteria and studying.

{birthday muffins for breakfast}

{my stair-loving girl was granted 2 stairs to play on rather than totally blocking them off}

{she seemed to know exactly what this present unwrapping was all about and wasted no time}

{nate and jilly were a little excited to get a shot at using the toy they had picked out to give her}

{clothes!  well, at least i was excited about them.}

{the birthday girls}

{cookie cake!}

{time for a bath!}

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